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Attracting and retaining the attention of your audience is a key aspect of your marketing strategy. Bodkinco helps you achieve both through our paid media service. We do this by, optimizing, planning and managing effective media campaigns using well-defined and precise KPIs in order to optimize the media campaigns, maximize your audience and profit, increase your outreach within your targeted market.

How Bodkinco’s Paid Media Service helps?

We can help your business attract more customers.

Google Ads Optimisation

At Bodkinco, we are specialized in Google Search Network, Google Display Network, and YouTube network. We help you define your target market, choose the related strong keywords, negative keywords too, and set all the needed features / options that will help you achieve your expected conversions effectively.

Conversion Optimisation

We find the best solution to lower the bounce rate and increase the conversion rate through a concise analysis of your customer’s behavior.

Performance oriented

We are performance oriented and your performance is our priority. We analyze your operational funnel and determine its weaknesses and strengths in order to improve and adjust them until we reach the established results.

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Grow Bigger, Grow Better.

Digital Strategy

A good plan needs a good strategy for execution. We help you devise an integrated plan to reach, engage and grow your potential customers with the assistance of the online growth marketing.

Paid Media

Targeting the right audience is the key. With a specialized team in Google Ads, Bing Ads and Amazon Advertising, Bodkinco guarantees you the best traffic with a concise visibility to generate sales leads.

SEO Service

We know how to play with the algorithms well. Our SEO experts optimize your website by assessing the best domains, key words, sitemap, error page, metatags, external and internal links matching your business criteria.

Influencer Marketing

Employ the modern day tools to maximize your gains. We approach the best suited influencers with creative ideas to reach out to your target audience easily and effectively.

Social Media

There is much more you may gain from the online personas. We help you reach and engage your potential market segment through effective social media campaigns.

Web Design

We hold the trinity of creativity, engagement, and attraction in all the websites we design and build. This is the first impression that sets the tone of your credibility in the minds of the customers.

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