What you need to know for a successful social media marketing strategy

Jun 5, 2019 | Digital Marketing Strategy | 0 comments

What you need to know for a successful social media marketing strategy

Jun 5, 2019 | Digital Marketing Strategy

To achieve a successful marketing strategy with social media, listening to your target market is crucial and can be more important than posting on a daily basis. In fact, you need to understand what is important for them, their needs and wants. You might join online groups, communities, and discussions that will enable you to learn more about your target audience and create value that will attract your audience’s interest and nurture them in order to keep them coming back to your web page and increase your conversion rate.

The best advice that you can get concerning a social media marketing strategy is to specialize on a focused area or industry. Indeed, it is better to attract the interest of a focused group or audience, get their attention and retain them. Thus, you can build a strong brand image and relationship with your community through your focused social media and content marketing strategy instead of trying to satisfy and attract all types of customers’ personas. To do so, you can build a deep description of your ideal buyer persona profile and design your social media and content marketing strategy based on the characteristics of your ideal customer which will attract the targeted audience that share the same interest.

As known by all, everyone prefers quality over quantity. With quality content on your social media and on your website that appeals to your targeted audience and customers, you will be able to retain them with topics that interests them. Moreover, you can assess the efficiency of the content through some key performance indicators such as the likes, shares and comments. Therefore, it is better to gain quality users who read, share and comment your content for a loyal audience than having a big number of connections but not really involved and engaged with the content and cease after a short period of time. Moreover, with a quality community that likes and shares your content on their own web page or social media page, it will attract more users that share the same interest who might register and follow your webpage or social media page. The more your content is shared by your audience on their own blogs or social media pages, the more relevance you will get on search engine result pages such as Google, Bing and Yahoo which will get you a higher ranking on the result pages which will help you reach more potential customers since they can find you easily.

A successful marketing strategy won’t happen overnight. In fact, it needs time, management and adjustment in order to reach the desired results and outcome. However, connecting with some quality influencers and building a relationship with them will help you reach the desired objective and target effectively and efficiently. Since their community share the same interest, they will probably be interested by your content and offerings which will bring more traffic to your webpage.

Yet, sharing only promotions of your products or services on your social media page or website might bore and annoy your audience, then the followers will stop paying attention to your posts. This is why, you have to add value to your content in order to retain their attention and develop a loyal relationship with your audience. With a great marketing strategy that interests your target audience, as the word-of-mouth marketing will begin within the related communities with shared interest, as your website traffic and conversion rate will increase. 



 – 10 Laws of Social Media Marketing.

About Abla Khbacha

Account Manager at Bodkinco

About Abla Khbacha

Account Manager at Bodkinco

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