Your Website is your Best Digital Strategy

May 9, 2019 | Digital Marketing Strategy | 0 comments

Your Website is your Best Digital Strategy

May 9, 2019 | Digital Marketing Strategy

Nowadays, creating a website might be considered by all as the most simple and easy task to do. However, many forget that it is the base of your digital strategy and a great approach to advertise your products or services. Having a website increases yours leads even when you are home, during the weekend, relaxing. Over 80% of your customers have looked online about your offerings before acquiring it which means that they must have visited Google and searched using some special keywords that are associated in a way to the product or service that you are selling. Therefore, having a well-structured website design and a strong SEO strategy in order to boost your chances in appearing among the firstly ranked in the search engine results pages (SERPs) such as Google, Yahoo, etc. Being ranked within the firsts on SERPs will increase your visibility toward you loyal customers and also your potential future customers.

Your website is also your shop where you display all your offering such as products and services that you propose to your customers in the same way as a real shop window of any store. An online store will enable the customer to have an easy access and visibility of what you are offering in all types of products or services, it also provides them of an easy way to find what they want and all the needed information that they might need in order to complete their purchase such as the ingredients, reviews, and case studies. Through the website, you can also share some videos or pictures that will explain to your customers how to use a special product or how a service is provided and get a general idea of what your business is about and is offering. Your consumers and potential future customers expect to find you online and have a deeper understanding of all your offerings and all the related information. In fact, it builds and shapes your legitimacy and credibility where if you don’t have an official website your audience might believe that you are not legitimate and start doubting your product, quality, or even your existence. Most customers assume that a business with an inexistent website is either odd or, at worst a scam which will indeed not attract them to become a customer. Your online presence will then become your best marketing strategy since it will help you collect data and information such as their age and email in order to construct a strong marketing channel where you will be able to increase their awareness and consideration toward your offerings in order to convert them into customers that might become loyal if you nurture them.

Thus, having a website is an important aspect of your digital strategy where it needs to be easy to navigate, attractive and well organised in order to make your customers feel comfortable while navigating on your website. It is preferable to outsource the task of your website creation and design as it would be the best solution for you to have a qualified and skilled person in this field to open your official website or online shop. Outsourcing this task might not be affordable for some but it is without doubt a good investment for the long term and it will assist you in expanding your business.


How Your Website Can Be Your Biggest Digital Strategy Opportunity.

About Abla Khbacha

Account Manager at Bodkinco

About Abla Khbacha

Account Manager at Bodkinco

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