Tips to increase your traffic

May 20, 2019 | Conversion Rate Optimisation | 0 comments

Tips to increase your traffic

May 20, 2019 | Conversion Rate Optimisation

It is not an easy simple task to drive traffic and increase your website’s volume. It has many traits and aspect that you need to take into consideration and have a real impact on the performance of the website and its traffic. You might build a strong and consistent website that will bring traffic for a certain period but then if it is not taken care of and looked after, the great traffic will fade away. Therefore, you need to define which characteristic will become the selling point of your website that will drive traffic to your website and increase your conversion rate.

Content marketing is known to generate three times the leads of a traditional outbound marketing strategy with less expenses. Content marketing consists of posting and sharing with your community and audience some online content such as articles, videos, blogs, case studies, and eBooks. Obviously, the shared content needs to be related and relevant to your industry and to the audience that you want to reach in order to attract the right visitors and convert them into customers. Moreover, the content posted needs to gather some of the relevant keywords that you have chosen to be part of your strategy in order to help you have a higher et a pertinent rating on the SERPs (Search Engine Results page).

With the permanent increase of the social media popularity, a new type of marketing has developed. The new phenomenon is called the influencer marketing which consists of using key leaders of the involved industry that will promote your products or services to their community and encourage them to become customers. Through the influencer marketing, you will be able to reach your ideal customer easily through the admiration and appreciation that they have toward their influencer and leader of their community. It is proved that influencer marketing is an effective and accurate strategy where 80% of the marketers that have tried this strategy are satisfied and assert its efficiency. Moreover, the customers retention rate is higher by 37% when it has been done through the influencer marketing funnel than through the usual and conventional ways. By 2020, it is expected for the influencer marketing to lead the market and to become the most efficient way of marketing your product or service. Thus, influencer marketing will surpass and excel TV, radio, magazines and social media.

Basing your marketing strategy and online advertisement on geo targeting and more specifically on the IP s that you would like to reach. Nowadays, it is possible to target your customers through their IP so you can identify their geo localization and display the content that you think will reach them and attract them effectively. Though the visitors’ geo location you can target them based on different characteristics such as country, states, city, postal code, or even the carrier that they are using. IP targeting assists in increasing the engagement of your visitors and customers as their conversion rate. Moreover, you can base your special offers such as sales and discounts on geo targeting as well as the messages and languages that you want your website to display.

The most important aspect to have in your website is to always be updated, to always follow the new tendencies, and to keep track of the new trends. Updating your old posts with new sources and new data will prove to your visitors that you are proactive.

About Abla Khbacha

Account Manager at Bodkinco

About Abla Khbacha

Account Manager at Bodkinco

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